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TONUS ELAST is a European company that manufactures elastic medical products - from bandages, compression stockings to complex back support products.

We have been taking care of the well-being of our customers since 1995, and today we are one of the largest manufacturers of elastic medical products in Northern Europe. Find out more

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TONUS ELAST factory is located in Europe, country Latvia. The factory covers an area of more than 6,000 square meters under the roof. Find out more

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TONUS ELAST is constantly developing new products. The company has a dedicated research and development team.

Every year, almost 20 new product prototypes are created in the company, of which at least 4 are put into production and offered to customers. Find out more

The efficiency of TONUS ELAST compression products is recognized by world-class experts, they meet the strictest standards, and the conformity of the products to the compression classes is internationally certified. Find out more

TONUS ELAST team has more than 150 employees. Find out more

The company was founded in 1995. In its early days, the main product was compression bandages. Later, with the development of technology and market demand, the most important product group became compression stockings, tights and arm sleeves. Find out more

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