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TONUS ELAST is a European company that manufactures elastic medical products - from bandages, compression stockings to complex back support products.

We have been taking care of the well-being of our customers since 1995, and today we are one of the largest manufacturers of elastic medical products in Northern Europe. Our mission is to create products for people's health and well-being.

The main product groups of TONUS ELAST are:

  • Compression textile products
  • Back belts and posture correctors
  • Products for pregnant women and new mothers
  • Joint orthoses and bandages


The design and production of compression products is our daily routine. TONUS ELAST offers more than 40 types of standard compression stockings, tights and arm sleeves.

Medical compression products are manufactured in the prophylactic, first and second class of compression.

This means that the products are suitable for reducing the risk of venous disease, for treatment and for postoperative purposes.

The efficiency of Tonus Elast compression products is recognized by world-class experts, they meet the strictest standards, and the conformity of the products to the compression classes is internationally certified.

We also develop custom compression textile products. The quality of Tonus Elast products is recognized by global sports brands, and we also produce compression products under their brands. Of course, Tonus Elast also has its own product line, especially for athletes.


Belts and posture correctors are the second largest product group of TONUS ELAST. Our experienced engineers have developed both sophisticated postoperative belts and back support belts and posture correctors for everyday well-being.


We have paid special attention to the development of maternity belts and products for new mothers. The most popular products in this group are maternity belts and lingerie for new mothers.


Tonus Elast range also includes products such as joint orthoses and fixators, bandages, functional underwear, as well as other products for the well-being of adults and children.

We are constantly evolving to create new products to meet market demands. We do this by combining our experience with modern technology and the state of the art raw materials.

The company complies with the following ISO standards:

  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • ISO 13485: 2016
  • ISO 50001: 2018
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