Bra medical-rehabilitation elastic Sofija

ELAST 0407 Sofija
For rehabilitation
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Bra medical-rehabilitation elastic Sofija

ATTENTION! This product is an individual hygiene product. For health and hygiene reasons, it is not subject to the right of withdrawal!

Designed for rehabilitation after mammary gland surgery, as well as for wearing with prostheses. It is recommended for use during breastfeeding to prevent and reduce inflammatory processes in the mammary glands, as well as - to prevent milk stasis. Can be used for the fixation of medicinal products.

The bra is made of elastic fabric. Thoroughly processed seams ensure freedom of movement and safety. Comfortable cotton pockets for fixing medicinal products and mammary prostheses are incorporated in both cups of the bra. Depending on the need, a woman can use either both or one pocket. Comfortable straps made of elastic lace and doubled with a thin knitted fabric. They do not cut into the body and are adjustable. Therefore, each woman can individually adjust the height of the bra. The wide and flexible back section and comfortable straps ensure comfortable wearing.

Medical indications:
- cases of mastitis, mastectomy, including sectoral resections and also mammoplasty,
- after injuries, for the fixation of medicinal products recommended by a doctor and also for the fixation of mammary prostheses,
- In the early postoperative period to fix the breasts and promote the faster healing of surgical sutures,
- to prevent and reduce inflammatory processes in the mammary glands,
- for the prevention of milk stasis,
- to prevent overload of the shoulder girdle and muscle groups of the spine,
- to prevent diseases of the vertebral column, which are associated with the redistribution of load by restoring the symmetry of the body.

Bra medical-rehabilitation elastic Sofija

Individual incompatibility with any of the component materials of the product.

We recommend washing by hand in a soap solution at a temperature of + 40 °C without the use of bleaches. Do not use chemical agents for cleaning. It is recommended to gently squeeze out the water without wringing and dry the product in a spread manner. Can be ironed, provided that the maximum permissible ironing temperature of 110 °C is not exceeded.

Bra medical-rehabilitation elastic Sofija

Cotton - 80%, polyamide - 10%, elastan - 10%

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