Medical elastic neoprene fixer for elbow joint, universal. LUX

Arm joint bandages
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Medical elastic neoprene fixer  for elbow joint, universal. LUX

The bandage is designed as a therapeutic and preventive device for the fixation, protection and keeping the ligament apparatus and soft tissues of the arm at rest.

The LUX series bandage uses a soft, breathable, very flexible neoprene laminated with Velcro fabric on the outside and cotton fabric on the inside. It has a universal design that allows the use of one bandage for different sizes of knee joint, with a range from 20 to 31 cm. The structure is divided into separately adjustable areas. The use of Velcro fastener enables easy adjustment of the required compression ratio in each area and locking of the bandage to any of the available sizes.

Medical indications:
- injuries and bruises, muscle haematomas,
- partial muscle injuries, myositis, muscle hernias, dislocations, arthroses, arthritides and partial elbow ligament injuries,
- for immobilisation of the joint at rest after various injuries and operations,
- prevention of rapid overstretching of the elbow joint apparatus, prevention of trauma and injuries resulting from sports activities, as well as in cases of physical exertion.

Medical elastic neoprene fixer  for elbow joint, universal. LUX

Individual incompatibility with any of the component materials of the product, severe local skin diseases, (use under medical supervision). 

We recommend washing by hand in a soap solution at a temperature of + 40 °C without the use of bleaches. Do not clean chemically, as the structure of neoprene degrades under the influence of acid and alkali solvents as well as lubricants. After washing, do not spin and tumble dry. It is recommended to gently squeeze out the water without wringing and dry the product in a spread manner. No less than at a distance of one metre from heating appliances. The product must not be dried in the sun or ironed. Do not iron.

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