Orthopedic arm supporter

ELAST 0110
Supporting bandages and orthoses
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Orthopedic arm supporter

The bandage is designed for safe and comfortable hand fixation during rehabilitation after fractures, sprains and surgical intervention.

Medical indications:
- use during the exacerbation period of arthrosis and arthritis of the radiocarpal joint;
- closed fractures of the bones of the forearm during the formation of the woven bone;
- in cases of trauma to the carpal bones and functional disorders of the joint;
- for the treatment of radial nerve and ulnar nerve neuritis;
- for faster rehabilitation after injuries and surgical operations on the wrist, shoulder and forearm - to prevent oedema and inhibit inflammatory processes;
- to avoid overload of the hand and fatigue during physical exercise.

Orthopedic arm supporter

Individual incompatibility with any of the component materials of the product.

We recommend washing by hand in a soap solution at a temperature of + 40 °C without the use of bleaches. Do not use chemical agents for cleaning. It is recommended to gently squeeze out the water without wringing and dry the product in a spread manner. Do not iron.

Orthopedic arm supporter

Polyamide - 100%

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